Mr Mulligans, Newcastle

Blue Badge Parking: Yes, off-site

Concessions/Carer Prices: No

Wheelchair/Mobility Scooter hire: No

Accessible Toilets: Yes

I visited Mr Mulligan’s Space Golf on 28th November with a friend. This was both my first time visiting this venue and trying out crazy golf in a wheelchair!
We parked in a blue badge space at The Gate car park which is accessed from behind The Gate complex in China town. There is a lift from the car park to ground level.
After being unable to find out any information about accessibility on the website, I contacted Mr Mulligan’s ahead of my visit and they got back to me to let me know their venue was accessible. I booked in advance though I think this is generally only necessary in busier times.
There is a ramp up to the reception area and bar and the wheelchair accessible 9 hole course is all on one level. The verges around the edge of each hole are a little difficult to navigate in a chair so I required some help at times!
I had great fun on the golf course which features music, lights and fun challenges. Often activities such as these aren’t an option for wheelchair users, so it was really nice to find something that was both accessible and great fun.
People with sensory issues may struggle with the lights and music. The venue does however host ‘Relaxation Sessions’ on a weekly basis aimed at those with learning difficulties or special needs.
Overall, I really enjoyed my visit to Mr Mulligan’s and would recommend it!

Accessibility Review Nothern England

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