Trinity College and the Book of Kells, Dublin

Blue Badge Parking: No

Concessions/Carer Prices: No

Wheelchair/Mobility Scooter Hire: No

Accessible Toilets: Yes (Trinity campus)

I visited Trinity College and the Book of Kells Exhibition and Old Library on 12th September whilst in Dublin.

The streets around Trinity College are incredibly smooth and accessible with dropped curbs everywhere you’d want them to be, which made getting on to campus very easy. When we got inside it was a similar story – even though some areas are cobbled, there were always smooth paving alternatives to cross the site.

The Trinity College campus is absolutely beautiful, with points of interest and photograph opportunities everywhere you turn. It is a very busy place with it being a tourist hotspot, but is still quite quiet as it is set back from traffic.

After looking around the campus, we went to join the queue for the Book of Kells Exhibition. You can book tickets in advance and although we hadn’t done that on this occasion; we didn’t have to wait very long. There are ramps leading up to the main door at the front where we queued. There are no concessions available for disabled people or carers.

The attraction staff were really friendly and gave us all of the information we needed about accessibility at the front desk. There were numerous guards on duty who were more than willing to take us up in the lifts between the floors which required keys. There were audio guides available in varying languages.

Overall, the downstairs exhibition was really accessible. The only difficulty I encountered was with the Book of Kells itself, which was in a large horizontal glass case. It was fairly high off the ground and I had to really lean over to be able to see inside, which some wheelchair users may struggle to do.

Upstairs is the Old Library and it was extremely impressive – this was by far my favourite part; it was breathtaking. I was able to use my wheelchair across the whole floor and could see everything perfectly.

I’d really recommend visiting this location, it was very accessible (which is impressive given the age of the buildings) and the staff went above and beyond to help me to enjoy it.

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