Guinness Storehouse, Dublin

Blue Badge Parking: Yes

Concessions/Carer Prices: No concession for disabled person, free entry for carer available

Wheelchair/Mobility Scooter hire: No

Accessible Toilets: Yes

I visited the Guinness Storehouse when in Dublin on 13th September.

There is blue badge parking available for this attraction in the Crane Street Car Park, a short walk/wheel away from the entrance. The wheelchair accessible entrance is located on Market Street and is easy to find. We had pre booked our tickets and a helpful member of staff showed us where to pick them up from.

The way this attraction works is that you start on the bottom floor, finding out about each stage of the process of making Guinness as you travel upwards. There are lifts between each floor and multiple accessible toilets. We were provided with a helpful map which pointed out where the lifts and accessible toilets were. There are also text, audio and sign language guides available for use.

On the fourth floor, you are invited to ‘pull your own perfect pint’ with a guide. There was quite a queue to do this, but one of the staff brought us to the front of the queue, which was really great. They have taps at wheelchair height as well as usual height, so I was able to pull my pint from my chair (see picture at the bottom of the page). We enjoyed our pints of Guinness by the window with a brilliant view over the city.

In places there are neon, flashing lights in use which may be dangerous for individuals with sensitivity to light/photosensitive epilepsy.

I really enjoyed my visit to the Guinness Storehouse and thought the accessibility was really good.

Thanks for reading.


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