Dublin Zoo, Dublin

Blue Badge Parking: Yes

Concessions/Carer Prices: Concession for disabled person and free entry for carer

Wheelchair/Mobility Scooter hire: Wheelchairs only

Accessible toilets: Yes

I visited Dublin Zoo on 11th September, as part of my four day city break in Ireland. This was my first visit to Ireland and as an animal lover I was pretty excited to check out the zoo.

On arrival at the zoo I noticed there were numerous blue badge parking spaces right outside. I was able to purchase a significantly discounted ticket for myself and a free carer ticket, which was really great. It says on the website that you may be asked to provide proof of entitlement for the discounted and carer tickets, however I was not asked to do this.

Wheelchairs are available for loan from the zoo, though booking is recommended. I saw the wheelchairs that they had available – they were suitable for self-propelling and looked like they were better quality than the wheelchairs I’m used to seeing for loan in similar places.

As is the case with many zoos/wildlife attractions, dogs are not permitted (including assistance dogs) for safety reasons. According to their website though; Dublin Zoo offer accommodation for assistance dogs while their owners visit, which seems like a really good idea.

I found the paths throughout the zoo to be very smooth. There are various unavoidable inclines around the site which I needed assistance with, so this is worth thinking about if you use a manual wheelchair. Thanks to good signage and an easy to read map, we were able to plan our route well to avoid climbing hills unnecessarily.

The setting at the zoo is really serene, with two lakes and lots of beautiful trees and plants. The exhibits are well spaced out, meaning that nowhere got particularly busy at any one time. We attended most of the animal talks that were on through the day, which I’d recommend going to as they were really informative.

There were lots of accessible toilets around the zoo, though some required a code from staff. Following my experience it may be worth asking for the code before you are desperate for the loo! 

There are numerous cafes and shops around the zoo, all of which were wheelchair accessible. Allergy information was available in the cafes and dairy/gluten free options were available.

Overall, I really enjoyed my trip to the zoo. I would recommend it to all as I feel it was really accessible!

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