Flamingo Land Resort, Malton

Blue Badge Parking: Yes
Concessions/Carer Prices: Yes, discount for both disabled person and carer (proof required)
Wheelchair/Mobility Scooter hire: Wheelchair only (booking recommended)
Accessible Toilets: Yes

I visited Flamingo Land Resort in Malton, Yorkshire on 7th September with a friend.

On arrival we located the blue badge parking spaces right outside the entrance to the resort.

At the admission gate, I was able to purchase a discounted ticket for myself and one carer. Flamingo Land requires all disabled guests to provide evidence in order to receive this discount, and they list the types of evidence you may use on their website (PIP/DLA receipt letter etc).

If you are unable to use the normal queue lines, you and your carer are also issued with quick access wristbands which allow entrance to the majority of rides via the exit gates. I thought this was an excellent provision; it made our day a lot more enjoyable and the staff on all of the rides made sure to prioritise us when we arrived at the exit gates. These wristbands are not only available to those with physical disabilities- but if for other reasons someone may not be able to queue (e.g. an individual with learning difficulties) this is also taken into consideration.

On arrival we were also provided with an Access Guide which had details of how to enter and get on or in each ride. If there were any restrictions, these were also detailed. I was able to ride the majority of the rollercoasters/white knuckle rides minus Hero, which requires the rider to climb up a ladder to get onto the car.

There are a few inaccessible areas within the zoo, for example the raised Lion Viewing Area. Again, all of these are listed in the Access Guide and alternative ways of seeing the animals are suggested. When I visited; the lions were inside, meaning I couldn’t see them as there were stairs up to the platform. However this was the only instance in which I was unable to see an animal for access reasons.

We also went to see the Seal Show which was really fun and I was able to get a great view. The staff were really helpful and I felt things had been really well thought out for wheelchairs and buggys.

One of my favourite parts of the day was feeding the Lorikeets, which you can see me doing at the bottom of the page!

The terrain around the resort is all very smooth, minus the occasional hill which I needed assistance to get up.

All of the food outlets, shops and amusements are completely accessible for those with limited mobility and there are accessible toilets available.

Overall, I was really pleasantly surprised by how accessible Flamingo Land is and would definitely recommend it for a great day out!

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