Fencerhill Wood, Gosforth

Blue Badge Parking: No
Concessions/Carer Prices: Free admission (all)
Wheelchair/Mobility Scooter hire: No
Accessible Toilets: No

This is a small attraction based in the Whitebridge Park estate in Gosforth. I’ve visited before and it’s usually a very quiet place, giving you a good chance to see many species of wildlife. I visited on the 1st of March with family.

There is no specific car park, however free parking can easily be found in the various streets on the estate surrounding the wood. Entry is through a small kissing gate. The ground around the gate is covered in thick gravel, which is very difficult to manoeuvre in a wheelchair therefore I required a significant amount of assistance. There is however enough room to get a wheelchair or reasonably sized power chair through the gate.

After initial entry, the path consists of a dirt track for roughly 30 metres before you come to a boardwalk. The dirt track is tricky due to bumps and tree roots, and for most manual wheelchair users; assistance from an able-bodied person or an add-on such as a Freewheel would be necessary.

Once you reach the boardwalk, self-propelling becomes easier providing that you are confident, as it is fairly narrow. There is a nice viewing platform half way along which is a peaceful spot to spend some time (pictured below). If you enjoy wildlife, this is a great place to see creatures such as birds, frogs and deer. There are also benches further into the reserve should you want to take a seat.

I wouldn’t recommend visiting this place if you find particularly rough and muddy terrain difficult, since this is what it is mostly made up of. However, if you are able to get inside it is a really peaceful, well-kept spot.

Thank you for reading.

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