TJ Leisure Amusements, Whitley Bay

Blue Badge Parking: Yes
Concessions/Carer Prices: Free admission (all)
Wheelchair/Mobility Scooter hire: No
Accessible Toilets: No

I visited TJ Leisure Amusements on 10th October with family. This is a place I visit often and really enjoy.

Whilst the venue has no specific parking, there are various car parks nearby. The closest one is located behind the Spanish City, and is free for blue badge holders. TJ Leisure is then a very short walk or wheel away (less than 5 minutes). There is also an accessible toilet located in the Spanish City building.

There are three entrances to TJ Leisure, but the most accessible one is at the front, next to the fish and chip shop. This has the lowest step to get inside. Whilst the step is relatively small, wheelchair users may require assistance. Every time I have visited, the door has been propped open; making it easier to access the building.

Once inside, the floor is carpeted, but I was able to get around easily. The machines were all at a reasonable height, making them accessible.

I visited at a quiet time through the week, so I imagine it may be a little bit more difficult to manoeuvre at times when lots of people are in there. It may be a good idea to avoid it at peak times if you are using a wheelchair.

It’s also worth noting that due to the nature of the venue, there are a lot of flashing lights and competing loud noises. This may mean that those who struggle with sensory issues (e.g. due to Autism or Sensory Processing Disorder) may find this a difficult place to be.

This is a place I’d definitely recommend for a bit of fun for everyone!

Thanks for reading.

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