Pets Corner, Jesmond

Blue Badge Parking: Yes
Concessions/Carer Prices: Free admission (all), optional donation
Wheelchair/Mobility Scooter hire: No
Accessible Toilets: Yes

I visited Pets Corner on 18th September with my family. I spent a lot of time here as a child, so I was keen to review it from an accessibility point of view, particularly given that there is not a huge amount of information available elsewhere online.

Regular (paid) parking is available at a fair distance away from the entrance to Pets Corner, which you will drive past on the road in. This is probably about a 5 minute walk away for an able-bodied person. If you have a blue badge, there are spaces located right at the entrance to Pets Corner and opposite the café which you will find if you continue down the road from the paid car park.

The area has recently been resurfaced and is very smooth and not on a noticeable incline. One problem I did incur was that the fences surrounding the animal pens seemed unnecessarily high, meaning it was difficult to get a clear view from a seated position (pictured below). If sitting in a low wheelchair and unable to stand/stretch, you may struggle to see all of the animals.

image1 (1)

After enjoying looking at the animals and visiting the aviary, we visited the café opposite. The doors leading to this are automatic and there is a small ramp into the seating area. The café has an accessible toilet at the entrance (therefore you are able to use this regardless of whether you want to purchase anything).

This is a lovely place to visit if you’re looking for a short outing that I would happily recommend to anybody.

Thank you for reading!


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