Wallington Hall Estate: National Trust

Blue Badge Parking: Yes
Concessions/Carer Prices: No
Wheelchair/Mobility Scooter hire: Yes (booking recommended)
Accessible Toilets: Yes

I visited Wallington Hall on the 5th of September 2018 with friends. I had read on the website that it would be necessary to pre-book a mobility scooter to use, which I thought would be the best idea as this would save me attempting to take on difficult terrain in my manual wheelchair. Making the booking was an easy process and the member of staff who answered the phone was very helpful.

On arrival we were directed to the blue badge parking area and the cabin from which the mobility scooter was to be collected, which was close by. The scooter was very comfortable and able to cope with the slightly rough terrain (gravel, hilly etc) of the site. It also had a very convenient place to store walking sticks, crutches and bags/coats on the back.

No concessions for either the disabled guest or carer were available. I tend to find this to be the case in many places, however my personal belief is that if a disabled person would not be able to visit the attraction on their own; a carer should be entitled to a discounted rate or even free admission. In my case, I would not be able to visit the attraction unaccompanied because there were gates to be unlocked and held open throughout the site.

We were provided with a very helpful map which showed the walking routes around the site, and had a handy key which showed the terrain of the areas, the incline, whether the path became narrow at any point and whether there were any steps. This helped us to plan a suitable route around the site, seeing as much as possible.

The map also showed where accessible toilets were located. These were great facilities, with plenty of room for manoeuvre and they did not require a radar key.

The house was not suitable for mobility scooters but there were wheelchairs available to be used inside. These were not self-propelled chairs and therefore again, would make it difficult for guests with mobility impairments to enjoy the house without the help of a carer. Most of the house was accessible and a lift has even been installed which is excellent considering the age of the attraction. A few rooms were off limits due to steps but for the most part the access in here was excellent and staff were on hand to advise if needed.

This is an attraction I would recommend to those with mobility impairments and one which I will visit again.

Thank you for reading!


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